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A Brave New World for Braven Speakers

A Brave New World for Braven Speakers

A new line of speakers coming this summer shakes up the competition, with features so heavy it’s causing ripples in that ass.

Braven Six Series Speakers Bluetooth wireless audio

Braven’s new Six Series Speakers have a few key features that stand out against their competition. The Bluetooth stereo speaker comes in three different models. The HD audio 650 models stand out with its sleek all aluminum case; reminding you of an apple product. The 625-S models are more rugged in design and include an LED flashlight. While the 600 models are more basic coming in two different colors Mountain red and Moab ash. Braven’s speakers already have a one-up on Bose’s Soundlink & Jarbone’s Jambox wireless speaker for their ability to charge your phone. If you find a reason to have more then one of these, you can daisy chain multiple speakers together to get a bigger sound. Pre-order one of these on Braven’s website, shipping in June.