A Bathing Ape x Coca-Cola Capsule Collection

Ape is the new polar bear

Soda companies have been a part of pop culture since soda was called pop, and Coca-Cola takes the crown as the Mick Jagger of the soda pop game. The history between fashion, music, and pop culture is ongoing and stretches for decades. From fashion bottle collaborations with Versace, Missoni, and Moschino to collaborations with top artist like Taylor Swift (never forget), Coca-Cola always has a hand in what’s next.

A Bathing Ape is grabbing hold to the classic image of Coca-Cola with their latest capsule collection.

Giving off an all-American trucker vibe mixed with the signature BAPE camo print, the new capsule collection features everything a from a BAPE x Coca-Cola hat to an all red G-Shock, and even includes a luxury drinking glass donning the Bathing Ape enjoying a 16oz glass of liquid bliss. The limited edition collection launches July 5, and will feature both mens and womens sizes.

Check out some of the full collection below:

A-Bathing-Ape-x-Coca-Cola-Capsule-Hoodie A-Bathing-Ape-x-Coca-Cola-Capsule-Hoodie-Back-View A-Bathing-Ape-x-Coca-Cola-Capsule-Button-Up A-Bathing-Ape-x-Coca-Cola-Capsule-Back-View A-Bathing-Ape-x-Coca-Cola-Capsule- T-Shirt A-Bathing-Ape-x-Coca-Cola-Capsule-Coke-Pocket A-Bathing-Ape-x-Coca-Cola-Capsule-Cap A-Bathing-Ape-x-Coca-Cola-Capsule-Watch A-Bathing-Ape-x-Coca-Cola-Capsule-Glass A-Bathing-Ape-x-Coca-Cola-Capsule-YoYo

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