A Band Called Death Documentary Trailer

More than three decades later, the roller-coaster story about Detroit's revolutionary garage/protopunk band Death gets told via Drafthouse Films documentary "A Band Called Death."

The 1970’s were a booming time for Detroit’s music scene, what with Motown and all. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for three musically inclined brothers by the names of Bobby, David and Dannis Hackney R&B wasn’t necessarily the thing that rebellious young dreams were made of. Add that to the fact that a recent Alice Cooper show blew their minds about the possibilities of controversial Rock and roll. Inspired by this, the brothers formed their own garage/protopunk band named Death. They played and they shopped their sound to a music industry that didn’t accept them. Only now, more than three decades after, is their story about “Punk before it was Punk” being unveiled thanks to a new documentary about their lives. This is the story about A Band Called Death.





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