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’90s Resurrection in Dallas Penn’s Phony Ppl Video

’90s Resurrection in Dallas Penn’s Phony Ppl Video

The lady-friendly anthem from Phonyland goes through Dallas Penn’s visual filter. Like Dallas’ videography that pulls from the lore of Marvel comics, the theme for Phony Ppl‘s “Break It Off gets nostalgic, this time tapping scenes from A Different World. There’s something about the depth of characters that accompany the music. Like Phony Ppl representing New York’s New Wave, A Different World also was a visual representation of a renaissance in hip-hop, on PRIMETIME TV. For instance, sartorially in the late ’80s and early ’90s (when A Different World was on the air) kids wore their aspirations for higher education on their sleeves and their fitted hats. Forget letters in all caps on a hat that are blahzay, those days were about that college life, and not in a fratty, let’s get drunk and bone kind of way either. Watch and learn.

Speaking of a black arts and music renaissance of yesteryear, this August the Afro Punk festival kicks off with Phony Ppl in the lineup. Peep dates and other performers at Brooklyn Vegan.

Next Tuesday July 24th, you can Catch Phony Ppl at S.O.B.’s. Buy tickets here.

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