Skate in Hong Kong: 8Five2 Shop Present Chun Chai

Winner of the Asian X-Games, Chun Chai, describes the modern skate scene in Hong Kong and his passion for the sport.

The proliferation of skateboarding past a symbol of Americana culture is nothing new. The sport has grown worldwide since its inception in California way back in the 1940’s. Skateboarding became popular in Hong Kong in the 1990’s. But, as one of the world’s most densely populated cities, it’s difficult to imagine anyone walking through the crowded streets without objection, let alone twisting through the masses on a deck. In this short film, Chun Chai, winner of the Asian X-games, describes the modern skate scene in Hong Kong, how he found room in the overcrowded city and the sense of identity and purpose he derives from the sport. It’s short and sweet, check it out.





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