77Klash Wild Bill James Bond Pussy Galore

77Klash and Wild Bill Bond with PG Riddim

The power of the P, from the James Bond series, fuels the fire in the visual to their latest collaboration.

NY isn’t the only island repping a melting pot. Our global neighbors in Jamaica are rich with Chinese and Irish backgrounds, and that’s just two ethnicities out of the many that populate the land. The production team of 77Klash and Wild Bill, pays homage to that diversity in the video for “Pussy Galore,” featuring the famous James Bond vixen played by Blanche Blackwell. The actress, who was also Ian Fleming’s muse is also part Jamaican and Jewish. That’s a beautiful combo, like a plate of their international cuisine of ackee and saltfish. With the visual to the instrumental above, enjoy the side dish of the vocal version below.

No Money Man feat. Devina Burn by 77klash

77Klash Wild Bill James Bond Pussy Galore

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