Svpreme Queen Latifah Coloring Book

7 Deadly Femcees: Svpreme / Queen Latifah

All hail Svpreme as she does her thing and gives props to Queen Latifah for paving the way for industry femcees.

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This week is all about showing the ladies mad love. We’re teaming up with our home girl, Naps the Cat; graffiti artist and creator of the Female Rap Coloring Book, for a seven-day series that will showcase seven different female emcees. Don’t think we’re going soft either; each of these women spit enough fire to scorch any male competition.

For our 7 Deadly Femcees series we’ve asked each rapper to choose and color in an emcee from Naps’ coloring book that has influenced them and their career.  Each day we’re bringing you a profile of a new dope femcee on the rise and a song to add to your Bump That playlist. You can thank us later.

Svpreme Queen Latifah Coloring Book


“The ladies will kick it / the rhyme that is wicked / Those that don’t know how to be pros get evicted.” Queen Latifah has been holding it down for the ladies and keeping it street from the jump. It’s no wonder our final femcee chose to give her the props she deserves. For our 7th and last Deadly Femcee, we present to you Svpreme. It’s only right that we choose to end the series with this hardcore Brooklyn emcee. A mix of street and sexy, her rhymes are on point and she proves that women can bring it just as hard, if not harder than the fellas.

Describe your music style?

My music doesn’t have an exact style. Sometimes I feel moody, sad, strong, happy, ready for a club, ready to ride out, chill, smoke music, trippy on drugs. My music varies depending on my mood at the time. I like to express it through the music, plus it gives everybody something to relate to. I really pray this industry never changes me. And I hope my fans help to keep me humble and awkward.

Why did you choose this artist, what influence has she had on you and your music?

I chose Queen Latifah because she joined the rap game at one of the hardest stages. It was unusual for a female to play a male’s game and actually do a great job. Not only did she empower females through the music she was making, but she also ventured into acting and did everything without selling sex. I feel like that’s such an inspiration to girls in this industry.

What new projects are you working on?

I’ve been working on this one project called The Drip. I feel like I’ll probably run across a title that I’ll like more,  but this project will basically set everyone up for what’s coming.  Not much to say, but to let the project speak for itself.

Listen to her song “Praise” and let us know what you think about Svpreme and and all of our 7 Deadly Femcees below.

Svpreme Queen Latifah Coloring Book

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    >.< cant play the music from this pc, gotta appreciate Queen Latifah for paving the way and inspiring the minds and hearts of these "Femcees".