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7 Deadly Femcees: Rocky Rivera / Ms. Lauryn Hill

7 Deadly Femcees: Rocky Rivera / Ms. Lauryn Hill


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This week is all about showing the ladies mad love. We’re teaming up with our home girl, Naps the Cat; graffiti artist and creator of the Female Rap Coloring Book, for a seven-day series that will showcase seven different female emcees. Don’t think we’re going soft either; each of these women spit enough fire to scorch any male competition.

For our 7 Deadly Femcees series we’ve asked each rapper to choose and color in an emcee from Naps’ coloring book that has influenced them and their career.  Each day we’re bringing you a profile of a new dope femcee on the rise and a song to add to your Bump That playlist. You can thank us later.

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Rocky Rivera

It’s day 6, and we’re heading out west to bring you Rocky Rivera representing for the Bay. This Oakland resident is all about making sure you know that it doesn’t matter your race or sex, if you spit fire you deserve respect in this hip hop game. She’s definitely earned ours. Her rhymes are not only fierce but also packed with consciousess, much like her chosen inspiration; Ms. Lauryn Hill.

Describe your music style?

My music style is a drumbeat for social change with hip hop as its bass line. I am here to stay so might as well get to know me. And follow me @RockyRivera on Twitter/IG.

Why did you choose this artist, what influence has she had on you and your music?

Lauryn is my Holy Grail of musicians: singer, emcee, poet, ghetto philosopher and universally respected. Her gender is not at the forefront of her achievements; her talents are.
What new projects are you working on?

I just dropped an album called Gangster of Love that’s available for preview/purchase on BeatrockMusic.com, iTunes, Amazon & Google Play!

Check out her new song “Wake Up” and let us know what you think of this fatal femcee below.