7 Deadly Femcees: Latasha Alcindor / Eve

Latasha Alcindor enjoys many styles and hates getting her femcee abilities locked into any box or category.

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This week is all about showing the ladies mad love. We’re teaming up with our home girl, Naps the Cat; graffiti artist and creator of the Female Rap Coloring Book, for a seven-day series that will showcase seven different female emcees. Don’t think we’re going soft either; each of these women spit enough fire to scorch any male competition.

For our 7 Deadly Femcees series we’ve asked each rapper to choose and color in an emcee from Naps’ coloring book that has influenced them and their career.  Each day we’re bringing you a profile of a new dope femcee on the rise and a song to add to your Bump That playlist. You can thank us later.

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Latasha Alcindor AKA L.A.

For day 4, we bring you Latasha Alcindor, aka LA. This Brooklyn born rapper spits heat, much like her idol Eve.  Her poetic rhymes glide smoothly over soulful beats. Her music grabs you in and holds you with an almost hypnotic vibe. This is definitely a woman to keep on your radar.

Describe your music style?

I like to call my music fuck-a-genre/flow of conscious music, doing my best to tell you everything in my heart’s mind and mind even if that means people will hate my guts for it, or not understand it all. Its my art. So I don’t feel the need to explain it or be placed in a box about it.

Why did you choose this artist, what influence has she had on you and your music?

I choose Eve, because like Eve I am highly questioned on my “rapper personality”. Is she gangsta? Is she girly? Is she sweet? Is she a bitch? IT DOESN’T MATTER! I am all of the above and none at all. But Eve did a great job of learning how to deal with the questioning and the boxes people try to put her in. Also, Eve is so no-holds-barred, no fucks given, truth speaker and I aspire to be like that at all times as well. Lastly, she has a great way of staying thug to heart while trying new sounds and not being afraid to do whatever she wants sonically. Electric always.

What new projects are you working on?

I am currently working on several projects at the same damn time, but the baby I’m nourishing is this newie that I haven’t told anyone about except my true few. 8888, it represents my reset and this phase I’m in where time seems broken. Utilizing omens, symbols and everyday things to describe this era I’m in, 8888 is ‘hey, here you go’ and a story of my vulnerable yet brave limbo. Combining my theater, musical and visual background, 8888 will welcome you into my world of imagination and reality.

Peep her song “LaLa Land,” and let us know if your feeling her vibe below.

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