50th Mercedes-Benz Mixtape

Unbeknownst to many, Mercedes-Benz (yes, the car maker) gets down on the 1’s and 2’s. Okay, well maybe not as “down” as say DMC battles or rocking a legit house party, but MB! Magazine has–for 50 compilations now–been curating original mixtapes that’ve featured an eclectic cast of new artists and sounds. For the golden anniversary edition of their “Mixed Tape” series, MB! brings together new tracks from a few folk rock, electronica, soul, indie pop and alternative acts, all bundled together and adorned by the artwork of Craig Redman. Download it here or Spotify it here.


Track list:

“Coastal Lines feat. Allie Hughes” – Paradise Animals
“Lover” – Young Hare
“Nocturnal” – The Sea Life
“Unreal Love” – Vows
“Sure Enough” – Red Sails
“Turn Around” – Miu
“Rocket Trip” – Kognitif
“Just A Place” – Kurare feat. Theo Steuernagel
“Actress” – Steady Sun
“Donnie” – New Desert Blues

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