BMX filming at abandoned house

Trap House BMX Riding

Ridin' around and gettin' it.

Shaolin’s 5050 Skatepark got together with Follow The Leader Bikes to help furnish what they dub the “Trap House” (location undisclosed). As a result, the Staten Island-based ramp gods surprised their BMX bromies with a surprise upgrade for the spot that included kickers, manny pads, and a flat rail for the whole squad to ride on.

The action was filmed by Alex Avilla and Ed Pollio and scored to The Alchemist’s “Hold You Down.” Riders on set include Alex Avilla, Anthony Panza, Austin Mazur, Anthony Panza, Billy Perry, Ed Pollio, and Jake Layton.

Check out the discrete and purposefully-blurred video up top!

Guy carrying table into abandoned house

SIlhouette of bmx trick in abandoned building

BMX filming at abandoned house

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