50 Cent looking like a coke dealer in Hold On

50 Cent’s “Hold On” Music Video is Perfect

50 Cent, never change.

In the name of ‘keeping it real’ hip hop, as a culture, is incredibly stagnant. More than any other musical genre hip hop is closed off to the idea of change, especially when that change makes the artform less street. Because of hip hop’s reluctance towards progression dudes like Kid Cudi, Childish Gambino, and Drake are anomalies in the game. That shit is too soft, you dig? For the most part I hate the idea that hip hop needs to be gangsta rhymes over ’90s type beats, I like diversity. Having said that, I love that 50 Cent will never deter from gangsta rhymes over ’90s type beats.

I love 50 Cent’s new music video “Hold On” because it embodies everything that is 50. It’s simple: two sexy girls in a bed, a gun, lurking in the projects, and aerial shots of New York City. Boom, video finished. Whether or not he’s been to the projects in the last five years doesn’t concern me. Just the fact that he knows his demographic and consistently caters to them makes me kind of love 50.

He’s been doing this hip hop thing for awhile. From Power of the Dollar to Before I Self Destruct, 50’s been exclusively making New York gangster shit — that’s his niche in rap. Whereas Nas took more of a socio-political stance and Jay Z became an uber business man, 50 only talks street shit (despite his incredible business acumen). 50 is not here to progress rap as an artform and that’s absolutely fine. Not everyone is out here trying to reinvent the wheel. 50 is here to be a constant reminder that gangster rap still exists. Never change 50.

Check out the video for “Hold On” above and hit us with your thoughts below

50 Cent looking like a coke dealer in Hold On

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