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50 Cent Can’t Throw for Shit

50 Cent Can’t Throw for Shit

50 Cent’s first pitch at the Mets vs Pirates game didn’t quite go according to plan. There’s really not much to describe here, other than the fact that 50 Cent can’t throw for shit! In the video in the player above you can watch 50’s throw and hear another white person call Curtis Jackson “fiddy” (SMDH).

How do you think 50’s throw stacks up against previous title-holders for worst first pitch? Compare below.

Ba Ba Booey

Carly Rae Jepsen

There is some more respectable news about 50 Cent, however, he just dropped a remix to Joe’s track “Mary Jane.” The track samples Rick James’ classic ode to marijuana and is set to appear on Joe’s forthcoming album, Bridges, out June 23.

“Watch the camera guys… Uh oh.”

[h/t IllRoots]

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