5 Dollar Fridays: Hipster Rogers Edition

This month's 5 Dollar Fridays at the Knitting Factory features a world premiere video and live performance from Williamsburg's very own Hipster Rogers.

This month’s 5-Dollar Fridays at Brooklyn, NYC’s Knitting factory has a special treat for bike enthusiasts and hipsters alike. Just in time for the annual TD Five Boro Bike Tour, guests of this evening’s show will be treated to a special video premiere and live performance of “Ride” from Williamsburg’s own Hipster Rogers.


The forever-two-wheelin’ Mayor of the “Willie B.” just dropped us off his official flyer and an unreleased video for us to world-premiere, so you know it’s real! It features our favorite fixie-rider cruising through some of the infamous streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn all while giving us a knowledgeable verbal tour like only he can (Shot and animated by Hectah).


Doors open at 11:30PM with additional performances by B.I.C. (Bitches Is Crazy), Goldie Glo and DJ Sicksentz. Admission is true to the promotional title at just a mere $5. Come on son,  2 slices of New York City pizza and a drink cost more than that! So do yourselves a favor and come kick it, skid it and wheelie it out with the homie.

*BYOB (bring your own bike) all night!*


Get familiar and check out all of Mass Appeal’s past Hipster Rogers tunes and posts here:





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