$3 Million Worth of Stolen Nikes Recovered After 5 Year Hunt

You ever copped a pair of Nikes for $5?

An enormous delivery of stolen Nike sneakers worth $3 million has recently been recovered in Hardin County, Kentucky. This comes five years after they were initially stolen in 2009, reportedly from a distribution facility in Tennessee.

Police in Hardin County discovered a large amount of sneakers laid out around a Radcliff home. The owner of the house, Zetta Joana Thompson, was selling the sneakers at local flea markets for $5 a pair. Thompson claims to have no knowledge that they were stolen; she bought an unspecified amount second hand. Police consequently confiscated the shoes after Nike confirmed that it was indeed their stolen property.

The models that were contained in the shipment could not be specified. However, one seller stated, “I can’t even tell you how many shoes we had. It was unbelievable. This was all Jordans, every kind of Jordan you can imagine.” The seller even pointed out that there were Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian heels found in the collection. The women who were selling the sneakers have not been charged in the investigation.

You can check out the video story from local news station WLKY32 above. (Okay, so there was every type of Jordan you can imagine, but the seller is rocking some Team Jordans? SMH.)

Photo from the Stolen Nike Shoes Worth Millions that were recently recovered after 5 years.

Photo of a pair of the Stolen Nike Shoes Worth Millions that were Recovered After 5 Year Investigation.

Still from the Stolen Nike Shoes Worth Millions Recovered After 5 Year Investigation story.

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