21st Century Ebony and Ivory

Rap legend Kool Keith and Metal legend Phil Anselmo are proof positive that YES, we CAN all get along. PLUS they speak on flying roaches.

There was a time when folks adamantly believed that orange juice was strictly for breakfast. There  was a time when folks believed that chocolate and peanut butter had no business being together. However, we’ve  all come to recognize that that line of thinking is just straight up hogwash!

This here fellow recently had a Close Encounter with some serious musical astronauts, and when you click on the link provided, you’ll know what I’m talkin’ about.

Kool Keith is a rap legend. As lead emcee for BX bad boys the Ultramagnetic MC’s, Kool Keith lead words into pastures that most cows were too shook to graze in. As a soloist–via projects like Dr. Octogon, Dr Dooom and Black Elvis–Keith blazed trails for weirdo rappers EVERYWHERE (where’s his check, Lil B?). Phil Anselmo is a front man, and he’s been up front for heavy metallic KO-ing legends like Pantera and Down. If you know your heavy and hard shit, you know you can’t front on ANY musical enterprise that Phil touches.

A few months back the good folks at Scion held one of their incredible music conferences, and I got flown out to moderate some panels. Every year they throw a heavy welcome dinner with all kinds of influential folks walking around eating prime rib. I actually got to interview Keith in front of a packed house (somebody shoulda video taped THAT one). After me and Keith bounced from the podium, Phil stepped up. My man was super entertaining, but also super knowledgeable and super passionate about all sortsa new heavy bands.

As the support staff started to wrap things up for the night I caught Kool Keith and Phil Anselmo kickin’ it–and I knew I had to be a part of the conversation. This, fair readers of Mass Appeal, was HISTORY.

Look, I’m a black dude who likes heavy music and as a black dude who likes heavy music I’ve heard things about Phil being on the Mighty Whitey side of the “white pride” fence. And so I stepped to him about certain things (in particular, a skit/interlude on a Down record in which funky drums are played, monkey-like noises are made and what sounds like a mock Southern black man asking for Kool Aid is heard). He looked at me like I was crazy, and answered my questions. Phil claimed that what I heard as “monkey noises” was actually “sea gull noises”. He explained to me that he’s from New Orleans, and that the drum–the ones that marched and bounced through the streets, the ones  played by black folk–played a prominent roll in his cultural upbringing and enlightenment.

As for the Kool Aid part–he had nothing to do with that. Besides, he reasoned, white people like Kool Aid too!

Let me tell you something–Phil Anselmo is one cool dude. Me, Phil and Keith hung tough that night and we knocked ’em back something awful. The proof is in the pudding. There’s a part two to this video, so protect your neck.

Aye yo Phil–you’re my ninja. Keith–you’re my ninja.

We’re all a bunch of ninjas. Get out of line and catch a Chinese star to the spine, slime.

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