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2015 XXL Freshman Cyphers (Part 1)

2015 XXL Freshman Cyphers (Part 1)

Before The XXL Freshman Class of 2015 tears up Best Buy Theatre tomorrow in New York City, class members Tink, Kidd Kidd, K Camp, and Raury come blazing through your computer screens in this 6-minute XXL Freestyle Cypher Part 1. DJ Drama spins one of  “V1Z The Hit’s beats as the class spits some ill 16s. Here are some of the hardest lines from the XXL Freshman Cypher Part 1.

Kidd Kidd : “Roaches crawling on me in my sleep/ Shake ’em out the sheets / The toilet never work / The faucet always leak / Around heroin addicts who shoot up in the veins of they feet / That shit gave me the jeepers creeps.

K Camp: “Strap stay with me I’m connected with the clip / Let a nigga get wrong I’m connected with the grip.

Tink: “Hip hop ain’t been the same since Pac died / Way these niggas acting they should be ATL house wives.

I’m going off like 106 / Gotta cancel all these niggas / They sensitive as a bitch / More sensitive than my tits and you ain’t even bite / I pull a Kanye and strip any nigga from his mic.

Raury: “Fuck the fans and all the favorites / I’m smacking your rating / I give a fuck like George Bush did for African babies.

The full class includes 10 emcees, with artist like GoldLink, Fetty Wap, Vince Staples, and OG Maco making the list. Watch the cypher in the player above and tell us who you think had the best lines on Twitter @MassAppeal.