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2014 World Freestyle Roundup

2014 World Freestyle Roundup

While street skating is and has been the dominant and “coolest” form of skateboarding for quite some time now, there is still a small faction of dedicated freestyle skateboarders. Concrete Skateboarding and The World Roundup have teamed up to release an edit of the 2014 World Freestyle Roundup, in which the winner was awarded a 10K cash prize. Skaters young and older from all over the world flew to Cloverdale, BC to compete.

The featured music consists of the most classic of classic Mobb Deep and The Stooges, with the same song that also opened the mythical Flip “Sorry” video.

It is great to see that there’s still a group of skateboarders that have the guts and individuality to go against the grain, much like Rodney Mullen in the era of vert dominated skating. After all, isn’t that what skateboarding is about?

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