2013 Range Rover Wears the Crown in SUV Game of Thrones

Land Rover’s flagship model returns with a complete makeover, from the inside out.

Diddy’s Lamborghini truck line was already a ‘back in the day’ joint when the Urus photos leaked. Fast forward, and we got 2 Chainz hollerin’ about a Bentley SUV that’s still a solid year or two away from showrooms. Rappers, at least when it comes to trucks, you need to slow your roll and live in the moment. Land Rover’s Range Rover — arguably the most referenced ‘ute in hip-hop history — has been completely overhauled for 2013, and it’ll be here in mere months.

For those of y’all still trying to live down Hova’s ’97 4.6 versus 4.0 diss, here’s your chance – assuming you finally got them stacks right. The Range is the returning king-of-the-hill and manages to come off as classic and completely contemporary at the same damn time. It’ll have a starting MSRP of $83,500 — ironically about the same neighborhood as where the aforementioned 4.6 model topped out. This time around, the super plush and polished Autobiography edition will pull a knot of around $130,950 from your pocket. Can we get an “Imaginary Player 2”, Jay?

Mass Appeal was on hand for last night’s exclusive unveiling at The Stone Mansion, a private residence on Alpine, NJ’s former Frick Estate – that’s old railroad, steel and coke (the fuel) money in case you didn’t know. While the new Range came off as a clean, even sleeker refresh of its predecessor – the nose statelier, and shark-gill fender vents beautifully subdued – some of its most momentous changes had to be communicated from up high. When the ’13 model drops, it’ll bring with it bragging rights of the world’s first all-aluminum unibody SUV. Aside from that making the truck tougher and more rigid than ever, said technology will shed roughly 700 lbs. of weight off the outgoing model’s numbers. Don’t think that’s a big deal? Go load fourteen 50lb. bags of food for the mutts in your whip and see how nimbly you get around town, dawg. Couple this weight savings with the introduction of “Terrain Response 2” – a new fully automatic system that promises peak performance on any angle or surface – and we’re destined for yet another bar-raising iteration of the elite SUV – one with capabilities that probably won’t be rivaled by trucks destined to pull twice its price.

Dig what you’re digesting here? You got a few months to go meet with the accountant, or to shake down Cash Money for that beat you never got paid on. But if things are looking on the up for ya, just make sure you tack on a premium sound system, bigger wheels or maybe even the supercharger; something at least a touch nicer than base. We wouldn’t want you to get dissed.

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