2 Chainz Flexin On My Baby Mama

2 Chainz “Flexin On My Baby Mama” Video

A PSA about child support and baby mamas from 2 Chainz.

If 2 Chainz could tell you one thing, it’d be that he likes “getting head wearing both chains.” If we could tell you one thing about 2 Chainz, we wouldn’t. It seems more appropriate to tell you two things, so here they are: He takes care of his kids, but he flexes on his baby mama. If you’re looking for a third fact about Mr. Chainz, here it is: he often regrets not wearing a condom. (Don’t we all?)

In his new music video for “Flexin On My Baby Mama,” the artist formerly known as Tity Boi does just that— flexes like a roided-out bodybuilder on Muscle Beach. There’s leather galore, money monsoons, hats with dreadlocks, and most importantly— 2 Chainz proving that he’s the modern-day Allan Randall Freelon.

Check out the music video above, and remember that it’s only acceptable to flex on your baby mama provided that you’ve, well, provided for your kids. If you’ve haven’t grabbed a copy of 2 Chainz latest EP, Freebase, you should do so.


2 Chainz Flexin On My Baby Mama

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