1986 Girl Baseball Jersey

19EightySix NY/Mets Outlaw Capsule Collection

86 hours, one dope collection. Don't strike out!

Photo from the 19EightySix NY/METS Outlaw Collection lookbook featuring Mellany Sanchez.

The creative minds behind 19EightySix are back in full swing just in time for the Fall Classic. While the World Series signals an end to the 2013 MLB season, Diego Murillo and co. have taken a different approach to showing love to America’s past time. The 19EightySix NY/Mets Outlaw Collection is a twist on both New York team logos, the Mets and Yankees, and flipping them into one badass logo for that true New York flavor.

The collection’s focal point is undoubtedly the NY-Mets/Yankee Outlaw jerseys with the logo placed over that good ole’ iconic white and navy blue pinstriped uniform. This joint also comes in a black variation which features the number 86 embroidered along the back. As for the rest of the collection, snapbacks and a crewneck sweater accompany the Outlaw uniforms.

Take it from ’86, this collection is solely for those with the juice, as custom jerseys were printed for a few familiar names, particularly “Lord Flacko” and “Trap Lord.” Hmm, wonder who that could be? Also pictured is a custom “Leather Weather,” aka Mellany Sanchez who was featured in the lookbook for the Outlaw collection.

The 19EightySix NY/METS Outlaw Capsule Collection is currently available via the 19EightySix Webshop and will only be available for 86 hours so act fast! Eye-black sold separately.

Photo from 19EightySix NY-Mets/Yankee Outlaw Collection featuring 13thWitness and Mellany Sanchez in NY Outlaw Jersey

Photo of the 19EightySix NY-Mets/Yankee Outlaw Collection lookbook featuring Mellany Sanchez wearing the black NY-Mets/Yankee jersey in black.

Photo of the 19EightySix NY-Mets/Yankee Outlaw Collection customized jerseys.

Photo of the 19EightySix NY-Mets/Yankee Outlaw Collection NY-Mets/Yankee snapback in black.

the 19EightySix NY-Mets/Yankee Outlaw Collection jersey in black from the front.

The 19EightySix NY-Mets/Yankee Outlaw Collection Pinstripe jersey view from the back.

Yo! Adrian aka “Lucky Lefty” holds a career batting average of .486.
Twitter: @_YOADRIAN

1986 Girl Baseball Jersey

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