1992 Ecko Smoke DZA Party Vashtie

1992 Party Relaunches with Release of Smoke DZA’s Rugby Thompson

Where there's smoke, there's fire, like the return of Mass Appeal and the famed 1992 party in time for Smoke DZA's new album.

1992 Ecko Santos Vashtie Flyer Party Smoke DZA

Those Mayans, too busy predicting the end of the world; no time to celebrate the new beginnings happening in 2012. If they’re nostalgic, we imagine that they’re partying like it’s 1999. Over here, during this new golden era of music and art in New York, people want to party like it’s 1992. That chance is here again, with the return of Oscar and Vashtie’s 1992 party on Thursday, June 21st. It was unlike other hip-hop parties of the past. You’ve heard the stories about 1992 putting mainstream success stories like Jay-Z in the same room as KiD CuDi (before he was on one). Well, that same power of attraction will be in full force when Smoke DZA and Harry Fraud use 1992’s comeback as their soapbox to release their joint album together.

Sample three tracks from Rugby Thompson below, and pre-order the Smoke DZA & Harry Fraud collab on iTunes here.

Smoke DZA Rugby Thompson Harry Fraud Album Art

1992 Ecko Smoke DZA Party Vashtie

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  • Lo Down Dirty Fame

    Official start of summer party right here…I’ll be there in all my Lo glory

  • Angelabaw

    people enjoyed going “before vashtie was on one”