a bunch of fake weed

100+ Overdose on Fake Weed in Texas

Keep it clean, keep it green.

Police sources have confirmed that nearly 120 people have overdosed on K2 in the span of just five days in Dallas and Austin, Texas. The overdoses are speculated to be related to a recent re-up from a local Dallas supplier.

For those who aren’t familiar with the drug, K2, or spice, is a legal synthetic drug often sold as “herbal incense.” The user buys a bag labeled as incense, grabs some of the mix of unknown natural herbs and synthetic chemicals, smokes it, and supposedly starts feeling the same effects as smoking marijuana. No one really knows what chemicals are going into these bags since the contents change up so often, and the synthetic cannabinoid ingredients are almost impossible to regulate on their own.

Everyone should know by now not to fuck with unregulated synthetic drugs, right? Keep it clean, keep it green– natural is always the best route. Just because there are alternatives to drugs that happen to be deemed as “legal,” doesn’t mean they’re safe. There’s been multiple cases across the country of people dying from K2, and doctors still aren’t sure how the drug works.

If that’s not a good enough reason to stay off this shit, then just know your next K2-trip gone wrong may end up on World Star Hip Hop, which might be even worse than death.


a bunch of fake weed

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