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10ille Shows Off “Snake Eyes” Remix Artwork

10ille Shows Off “Snake Eyes” Remix Artwork


10ille Snake Eyes Tom Cruz Art

With Jamaica celebrating the anniversary of its 50th year of independence officially next Monday, 10ille pays respect to her Jamaican roots and culture by releasing the cover art for her new track, remixed by Tom Cruz. Peep the artwork for “Snake Eyes” Emancipation Mix (above), plus a sweet gallery of 10ille re-enacting the pose by OG model, Sintra Arunte. Aintra’s career took off as a model in 1972, posing as Jamaica’s famous pinup beauty (she’s actually Trinidadian). Now picture 10ille as the face of the nation. Check back tomorrow when we premiere 10ille’s “Snake Eyes” Emancipation Mix by fellow Jamaican, Tom Cruz. 10ille’s new album Flowers For the Alive is coming soon.

Artwork by KING S0L0M0N

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