100s IVRY Album

100s’ “IVRY” Will Strengthen Your Pimp Hand

Pimps up...

How strong is your pimp hand? Money Mike strong? Goldie strong? Baby Powder strong?  Well, my great-grandpimping told me a pimp hand can never be too strong, so if you’re looking to fortify your mano del chulo (that’s Spanish for pimp hand) I know just the thing: 100s’ IVRY.

100s IVRY Album Art

You see, IVRY isn’t your normal hand strengthening device, in fact you technically don’t even need hands to use it. By applying IVRY to your earholes, pimptastic vibes flow freely throughout your brain — like a new silk robe on a Sunday morning — reverberating across the velvet-lined crevasses of the reptilian portion of your mind. This has been proven to reinvigorate your most inner-pimp qualities, namely the ability to alliterate illustriously, locate where your money is, and pimp-slap the fuck out of anyone who crosses your path.

So if you’re a true player, for real, and count “becoming the next Don Magic Juan” as one of your life goals, then grab your green hat and head on over to Fool’s Gold Records and download a copy of 100s’ IVRY for yourself.

And remember pimps up … you know the rest. Chuch.

IVRY has not been proven to strengthen pimp hands, but that shouldn’t stop you from downloading it.

100s IVRY Album

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