1000 Band T Shirt DangerDoom

1,000 Days, 1,000 Band T-Shirts

Yup, in [one of my 1,000 different band] tees.

Isac Walter from Echo Park, Los Angeles, is a self-professed “Band t-shirt Archivist.” In July 2011, Isac decided to show off his incredible collection by wearing a different band t-shirt every day, without repeating a single band. He originally planned to go for 500 days straight, but upon reaching that point, chose to soldier on, finally reaching the 1000 t-shirt mark on April 7th this year.

Walter has created a Tumblr, “Minor Thread,” to document his collection, including bands as diverse as R. Kelly, Black Flag, Morrissey, and Action Bronson. Most of these tees are vintage shirts bought or traded for, but Walter makes some himself “by scanning the original artwork, redrawing the art by hand – which can take as much as 20 to 30 hours.” Each and every t-shirt is documented in the video above, including some which are available for sale or trade.

1000 Band T Shirt DangerDoom

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  • Joel

    Last I checked, the Fourstar Mark Gonzales shirt at 0:33 isn’t a band shirt