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10 Skaters Fashionable Enough For NYC Fashion Week

10 Skaters Fashionable Enough For NYC Fashion Week


Bulldog Fashion Runway Skateboard

It’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2013 in New York City. That means lights, cameras, a pending model apocalypse and hoards of stylish folks prancing and dancing around town. Skateboarders are no exception. Yes, some of us prance (for fun). Now while most of the following dudes probably won’t be in attendance for any of the runway shows (with the exception of Skateboard P maybe), that doesn’t mean that they can’t flex on Instagram with the best of them. Truth is, skateboarders are a fashionable bunch. I dare even argue that a lot more styles than people like to give credit for, proliferate in the four-wheeled subculture before making it out to the mainstream. Santa Cruz vs. Jeremy Scott lawsuits aside, we’ve got a bunch of swag that mofos want to steal, I mean, “get inspired” from. Not going to lie either, this post was definitely inspired by this post. Sue me.

Fashionable Skaters Pharrell Williams Skateboarding Invert

Pharrell “Skateboard P” Williams

Don’t leave your [board] around me, true player for real, ask my nigga Pharrell.” P’s been doing it (or at least getting inspired from it) forever. Though I can’t really confirm whether or not everyone’s favorite fashion-forward producer extraordinaire still gets on a board or not, there’s no doubt about all of the skate-centric ICECREAM team and gear. Board or no board, Mr. Williams’ juice gets him into any show rocking any clothes. Dude’s worn everything from all-over print Bape hoodies to tapered Gucci suits.

Fashionable Skaters Cigar Suit Skateboard Sunglasses

Mark Gonzales

In Gonz We Trust. Yea, sometimes he looks homeless. Other times he looks like Inspector Gadget. But, yo it’s the motherf*cking Gonz! This dudes been to Paris and back (screw Jay and Kanye) thrice over. He’s skated in all kinds of crazy European shoes on all kinds of quirky and weird shaped boards. Bow down or get your show crashed by Mark on his infamous circle board while he toke on an authentic Cuban cigar.

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1Stevie Williams

Fashionable Skaters Stevie Williams Suit Skateboard

From Dirty Ghetto Kids to Asphalt Yacht Club, Stevie does fashion. Your boy’s repped Philadelphia since day one and has pretty much remained on his grind since. That’s why, along with tricks, he lands gigs like fashion editorials with Playboy and the honeys. We tre-flipping out the after-party with the homie, no jive!

Fashionable Skaters Chris Pastras Guitar Sitting Skateboard Pool

Dune! From New Jersey to San Francisco to Los Angeles, Chris Pastras has held it down on the skate fashion front. The dude’s a true visual artist by nature, head hancho over at Stereo Skateboards, rider for Dekline and a WESC brand ambassador. Plus he’s got the fedora and button-down game on lock. Eclectic to the core, need we say more?

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